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New Bedford Proudly Supports
The LGBTQ+ Community


Our town has a deep rooted history of embracing diversity and welcoming everyone from various backgrounds and cultures.

Our city offers a dynamic blend of cultural diversity, renowned festivals, picturesque landscapes, and historic architecture. And it’s a place where love and happiness are celebrated openly.

LGBTQ+ Weddings

In New Bedford

New Bedford offers a vibrant and picturesque setting for LGBTQ+ weddings, blending its coastal charm with a spirited community atmosphere. With a variety of unique venues, from historic sites to stunning waterfront settings, couples can create a memorable celebration that reflects their love and personalities.

The city’s inclusive spirit ensures that every wedding is not just an event, but a celebration of love in an environment that values and respects diversity.

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The South Coast LGBTQ+ Network is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create and support a thriving LGBTQ+ community on Massachusetts’ South Coast where members can freely, safely, and joyously celebrate their true selves.