Finest Hour Atheltics

763 Purchase St, New Bedford, MA 02740

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FHA represents athletes who sacrifice day in and day out for that one meet, one game, one competition. The day you’ve been training for, you’ve done nothing but eat, drink, and sleep it….  it’s finally here and you’ve been called upon to be your absolute best… that day will come, when it does…will you be ready??

Whether your training to run your first 5k or to step onto the stage at Mr. Olympia, you are an athlete and you are training to be your best.

As athletes we know what it is like to win and lose.  We also know there is much more to being the best than just being the one with the most talent.  We cater to the athlete who refuses to give up, refuses to settle and knows that hard work and will power will always prevail on the battle field.  So whether you’re a Runner, Fighter, Bodybuilder, CrossFitter, Power Lifter, Football, Tennis or Soccer player.  We are representing your efforts while you put in the work!

City: New Bedford

Street: 763 Purchase St