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Our Legacy of Innovation

Since the day New Bedford was established, it has been and will always remain a hotbed of innovation and adaption.

Our story of innovation dates back to the whaling industry, where New Bedford was the testing ground for all manners of new maritime innovations such as whaling techniques, ship design, and harpoon technology.

As the whaling industry declined, New Bedford was quick to adapt, becoming a leader in the textiles industry. Today, New Bedford has again changed it’s course and holds strong as the #1 seafood port in the United States for over two decades. 

Charting a Course

To Our City’s Sustainable Future

From investments in green infrastructure and open space, to port resilience and public health, our city has undertaken a siginificant commitment to building the foundations of a cleaner and more resilient city for future generations.

Through our NB Resilient plan, we have developed a plan composed of both short-term and long-term investments and goals to achieve a safe and thriving city. 

Trees and Counting Planted in Our City Since 2015, Helping To Sequester Carbon

Gallons of Stormwater Prevented From Entering Waterways Per Year In and Around Our City

Acres and Counting of Open Space, With 2/3s Dedicated To Conservation & Recreation